Become A Brand Manager

What is a Brand Manager?

North Shore Apparel offers a Brand Management program for college students and people alike, allowing them to manage and promote their own North Shore Apparel brand in their area(college campus, town, neighborhood, etc.). It is a great way to grow your professional career in marketing & management and is definitely something you can put on your resume!


What does a Brand Manager do?

A brand manager is the face of the company in their area. They promote North Shore Apparel by sharing products, pictures, posts, and coupon codes to their campus and social media platform. They have the creative freedom to create flyers and handouts that contain their personal discount code so they can earn commission and others can get a discount!


Do I get any compensation?

Yes! You will earn 10% commission on all orders made using a personal coupon code made especially for you to give out to your friends, family, and colleagues!

Once accepted, each Brand Manager will receive a complimentary North Shore Apparel heavy duty tote bag(for all your college book needs) that has our logo on the side! 


How do I apply?

You can apply by either filling out the short application form below or by sending an email containing your Name, Email, and Reason why you want to become a brand manager to!



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